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Azure Training and Certification Is Well Within Your Grasp

Microsoft Azure offers an immense amount of capability — enough to seem kind of daunting. Never fear! MS has a killer training, practice, and certification offer to help you find your footing.

Azure may be defined, somewhat drily, as a “cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.” In fact, that’s how Wikipedia actually does define it.


Azure ML PublishToGallery

Microsoft Azure machine learning screen capture. (Courtesy of Microsoft)


That definition, however, fails to capture the awesome majesty and breadth of what Azure can do. It majesty and breadth can instead be much more readily appreciated through the Azure Products page, which lists more than 60 offerings tied to that platform, with hundreds more options available through other channels.


It all starts with what you’d expect from the cloud — namely, software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) — but from there the products page picks up and runs with this idea to places you might think the cloud would never go.


In addition, Azure also supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and tools, and development environments, too. In fact, Visual Studio, MS’s flagship development platform, supports Azure through ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, and Python.


Companies everywhere are moving business applications into the cloud, using Azure to make that transition. For this cloud-based platform, the sky really is the limit!


Azure and You


So how is an enterprising and interested IT professional (or aspiring professional) going to find his or her way into this wonderland of technology?