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Certification and Salaries

One of the primary questions that IT professionals always want answered about certification, is - will it help me increase my earnings? At least one research study completed this year indicates the answer is yes. Certification Magazine's annual salary survey for 2003 queried more than 19,000 IT professionals. The average survey respondent held 3.2 certifications. According to the study, on average, certification brought a 15.1% salary increase to IT professionals in 2003. In the same survey in 2002, that number was just 7%.

Overall, 2003 was a pretty good year for computer certification. Many positive changes took place, and it's looking a lot like certification in the information technology industry will make it through its somewhat turbulent teen years and mature into a lasting force for computer professionals and their employers.

Anne Martinez is the author of Get Certified and Get Ahead, currently in its third edition, and Cheap Web Tricks: Build and Promote a Successful Web Site Without Spending A Dime. She is also the founder of, where current IT certification news and information can always be found.