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Interview: Glen Clarke CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide

Certification self study guides are great at preparing you to take the exam, case and this one is no exception. It covers all the latest CompTIA Network+ objectives, has two complete practiice exams, a glossary, video training, and much more. What's more, after you take the exam, it will be a great reference book to have on your shelf, or on your computer (yes, it includes a free PDF download).

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a start to many career paths. The exam has been recently updated, and there is understandably some interest in the new objectives and how they compare to the old ones. Whether or not you have taken a course in networking, you just want to keep abreast of what's changed, or you want to prepare for the N01-005 exam, the new CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide, written by Glen Clarke and published by McGraw-Hill, is worth having.

We asked Glen Clarke about his new book, and about the updated Network+ exam, and here is what he revealed to us.

GoCertify: Who should consider earning Network+ certification?

Glen Clarke: The Network+ certification is a great certification for anyone looking to get into the field of computer networking. I think this certification is a great starting point for certification candidates that are looking to get into other certification tracks that no longer have a specific certification exam that covers networking hardware and TCP/IP.

GoCertify: Is hands-on experience needed or can someone pass the exam through studying alone?

Glen Clarke: Most certification vendors today expect certification candidates to have a working knowledge of the areas being tested. Although there are some theory type objectives in Network+, someone taking the exam should try to gain as much hands-on as possible. For example, when learning about the TCP/IP protocols I stress to readers and students that they should be using a packet sniffer to capture traffic and view the protocol information. It helps the reader understand the relevance of the topic when they can actually see the knowledge being used in a real-world situation.

GoCertify: The CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005 has recently been updated. What is new?

Glen Clarke: The OSI model and network security have more importance to the new Network+ exam, and the reader is expected to know the TCP/IP model as well. Also, the candidate is expected to know a bit more about DNS and DHCP as far as the installation and configuration of those services. Objectives such as virtual network components and authentication factors are also new to N10-005. Overall I find there are not huge changes just that the exam candidate is expected to know more detail about current network technologies than with previous versions of the exam.

GoCertify: Have any topics been removed or de-emphasized in the updated exam?

Glen Clarke: No, nothing stands out as being removed from the new exam. The changes are more on introducing new technologies or expecting more detailed knowledge of a topic.

GoCertify: How important is it to understand the OSI and TCP/IP models?

Glen Clarke: As a network professional you really need to know the OSI model and TCP/IP Internet model from a certification exam point of view and the real world. I find that other networking concepts make so much more sense when you know those two models. The new certification exam expects the candidate to have a thorough understanding of both models.