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CompTIA Certifications Get an Expiration Date

What Counts Toward Recertification?

Achieving recertification is primarily accomplished through earning continuing education credits (CEUs), the number of which varies depending upon the certification. CompTIA A+ recertification requires 20 CEUs over the 3 year period, Network+ 30 CEUs, and Security+ 50 CEUs. Passing the latest exam(s) for your certification instantly meets the requirement. Passing a bridge (or upgrade) exam will also do the trick. CompTIA warns, however, that bridge exams are a temporary option and will be phased out beginning with Security+ in 2011.

CEUs can also be earned, although at a much slower pace, through a variety of professional activities, including:

  • Teaching, lecturing, or presenting on relevant industry topics
  • Attending relevant industry conferences or events
  • Publishing articles, whitepapers, blogs or books on relevant topics
  • Earning other industry certifications
  • Completing relevant courses or training
A chart of CompTIA recertification options and CEUsoffered for each is available on CompTIA's website.


The final piece of the CompTIA recertification puzzle involves, as such things almost always do, an additional bit of cash. There is an annual maintenance fee of $25 (A+) or $49 (Network+ and Security+) which you will have to pay electronically each year as part of submitting your CEUs through the pending online certification renewal system. There is also an option to pay all three years at once.

It's All Good...

This is a lot of information to take in; it certainly isn't a simple program, but the people at CompTIA are doing their best to make it work and providing lots of information, which helps a great deal with a process like this. No doubt this change will cause a lot of anxiety for a lot of people, but overall the CompTIA certification program will be improved by it, and so will the value of a CompTIA certification on a resume. So if you are directly affected by this, don't panic, be patient, and work with the process. It really is for your own good.