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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Microsoft Learning Welcomes You to Join a Study Group

Once upon a time, you had to know where to look to find Microsoft’s often-elusive online study groups for their cert exams. No more! Now all you need to do is find the exam page, scroll down, and look for “Study Group.”

To Recertify Or Not To Recertify

Is recertification a prudent and necessary investment in your career, or just a time-consuming headache? Consider the rationales both for and against recertification before you make a final decision.

Adding to Your IT Skills and Knowledge Portfolio

If you want to work in IT, then you have to keep your skills and knowledge sharp and relevant. One way or another, you will be learning new stuff on the job all the time. Why not strategize about your priorities?

(ISC)² Security Congress 2018 a Top Cybersecurity Destination

Make your plans now to visit New Orleans this fall and get the benefit of cybersecurity expertise and experience from the world's top practitioners.

Big Changes for Dell EMC Certification Program

A couple of years after the acquisition of EMC by Dell, the now-hybrid Dell EMC certification program has completed a makeover. Those familiar with the old EMC certification schema will feel right at home.

Teacher Appreciation Week: GoCertify Salutes IT Educators

Did you have a favorite IT instructor during your junior high, high school, or college years? Good teachers can open up young minds to a striking view of technology and possibility.

U.S. Jobs: Milestone Low for Unemployment

It's apparently a good time to strike a favorable deal if you're negotiating with a potential employer. For the first time since 2000, unemployment in the United States dipped below 4 percent.

Microsoft Launches Pair of Programming Certifications

Writing computer code is not necessarily glamorous, but it is a highly employable IT skill. Now Microsoft Learning is adding to its array of certifications with two credentials that address popular programming languages.

The Big List of Soft Skills and How to Use It

Soft skills can be hard to acquire. It takes time, patience, and a willingness to engage in honest self-examination. Those who are willing to do the work, however, can reap substantial professional rewards.

ISACA Study Addresses Global Cybersecurity Challenges

Effective cybersecurity is a primary objective for every business and organization in the world. As demonstrated by a new report from ISACA, however, there's more to hitting the target than just knowing what to aim for.

Anaconda Slithers Into the Data Science Certification Space

When you think of Anaconda, do you think of a big snake, or a cheesy Jon Voight creature feature? How about a new association: Now Anacaonda is a data science certification program extraordinaire.

CertBlaster Helps You Tackle Network+ and Security+ Exams

Serious certification exam preparation calls for serious learning and review materials. Get serious about CompTIA certification prep with the new learning and review materials from CertBlaster.

U.S. Jobs: Growth Slows, Unemployment Still Low

Jobs are up! Jobs are down! It's hard to know what to project when looking at the U.S. labor scene. The fact that there will be a lot of yo-yo-like give and take seems to be the only thing we can count on.

The Russians Are Coming?!: Cables and the Internet, Part 3

The worldwide network of undersea internet cables enables massive global transfer of data every day. It is in danger of attack from nations seeking to bring internet activity to a financially devastating standstill?

Digging Into Microsoft's Tech Support Vision via MPP Courseware

Analyzing the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) IT Support Track gives reasons to be amused and amazed, but also teaches (and shows) quite a bit.

CompTIA to Retire Popular A+ Certification

Tech industry association's flagship credential will be taken out of circulation at year's end. To be replaced by B+ and C+ certs for PC technicians deemed "good enough" and "slightly above average."