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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 14)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, everyone is on about proper exam preparation (or at least Microsoft and CompTIA are both on about that), Certification Magazine Deep Focuses on not a certification, and more.

CompTIA's 6 Habits of Highly Successful Exam Takers

CompTIA has some words of advice about exam preparation.There have been a whole lot of successfully completed IT certification exams in the history of CompTIA. Everyone's favorite IT industry association has certified more than 1 million individuals who hold its A+ credential alone. So if CompTIA has something to say about how to successfully complete an IT certification exam, then it probably would behoove anyone with an IT certification exam in his or her future to pay attention. This week, CompTIA had something to say about just that topic over at its IT Career News blog. There are four suggestions to guide you actions leading up to the exam itself, but only one of them is really a tip for organizing your study and training efforts. The other three tips might as well be lumped in with the final two, under the heading "On the Morning of the Exam." Still, it's good to be prepared for the actual day of destiny itself. These suggestions may have the ring of familiarity to them, but that's probably because it's good advice — and everyone else knows that, too.


CompTIA Unveils Newest Version of Top Cybsersecurity Exam


In 2017, tech industry association CompTIA surveyed business leaders and asked them whether cybersecurity was more important to their business than it had been in 2015. Naturally, 84 percent said that yes, it had become more important over the past two years. What's more, 85 percent said they expected it to become even more imporant by 2019. Yes, cybersecurity should be an organizational priority for companies large and small, and yes, it's going to become increasingly more important for the forseeable future. CompTIA has been responding to this obvious trend by beefing up its portfolio of cybersecurity certifications (which for a long time consisted of a single credential, the redoubtable Security+). Earlier today, CompTIA continued that push by releasing the newest version of CASP, its most advanaced security credential. Among other upgrades, the new exam provides expanded coverage of enterprise security topics, greater emphasis on analyzing risk through interpreting data, and broader coverage of cloud and virtualization security topics.


Microsoft's 4 Habits of Highly Successful Exam Takers


Over at the Born To Learn Blog of Microsoft Learning, the certification and training arm of the world's foremost software company, all-around certification guru Liberty Munson shared some thoughts at the end of last week about staying on top of your Microsoft certification exam preparation efforts. A big element of proper exam preparation, as Munson sees it, is having the right mindset. She takes some time to explain why that's essential, and it's worth clicking over to marinate in her full thoughts. Toward the end of the piece, she recommends four steps for exam candidates to follow to both ensure their own preparation and help Microsoft serve them better in the future. One big takeaway is that because Microsoft exam content is constantly evolving, it's good to stay in touch with the latest changes by regularly referring to the Exam Details page for the exam that you are preparing to take.