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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 17)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, ISACA has advice about how to network effectively, Cisco talks about the other kind of network (and how to ensure that yours is secure), and more.

Make Networking Work for You


You don't have to be a people person to succeed in networking.Networking — not the computer kind — is a vital element that your IT career needs in order to grow and flourish. Yeah, we know, you hate shaking hands, and remembering names, and exchanging e-mails. It doesn't matter. People helping people is the name of the career advancement game, and nobody can help you if they never find out who you are. A self-labeled "classic introvert," guest blogger Adam Kohnke affirms the value of networking in a new post this week at the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA. Kohnke has four key tips for anyone who thinks that they don't have the personal charm or chutzpah to become a successful networking. For example, Kohnke contends that you should pick and choose strategically when networking. Casting a wide net is helpful up to a point, but you're far more likely to get what you want by looking around at the people in close proximity to your current job and making an effort connect with strategically chosen individuals.


Make IT Rain with CompTIA's Cloud+


Anyone who's been around IT certification for any length of time is probably well-acquainted with tech industry association CompTIA and its popular tech certs, especially the trio of credentials that forms what you might call the holy trinity of CompTIA certification: A+, Network+, and Security+. There are nearly a dozen other CompTIA credentials, all of them of lesser status, but one that has a lot of potential is the Cloud+ credential that certifies basic cloud computing skills and knowledge. A new post this week at CompTIA's IT Career New blog specifically touts the potential of Cloud+ to increase your IT income. Everyone agrees that there are mountains of employment opportunity in cloud computing. Blogger Amy Hamblin notes that a recent check of employment data found more than 260,000 job postings seeking cloud computing skills in the United States along. Cloud+, as Hamblin extrapolates, will help you develop a well-rounded cloud computing skill set that can take you in a number of different directions.


Get Free Training on Oracle Technologies


Lots of IT training requires little more out of the learner than to watch a talking head explanation of a particular IT principle, followed by a battery of multiple choice review questions. Sometimes, however, there's more to be gained by digging into an expert-led, free-flowing discussion and pulling out important points all by yourself, than there is from regurgitating spoon-fed facts. Over at the Oracle Certification Blog this week, senior program manager Brandye Barrington highlights an important resource, one that's available across a range of certification programs. Oracle offers free webinars that explore various Oracle technologies. It's not just a here-and-there, hit-or-miss drive-by handoff, either. There have been 10 webinars released just in the first four months of 2018. Admittedly, picking up on the finer points of technology from a webinar sometimes requires a little more self-directed effort, but the curious can find other avenues, such as forums, to expand on what they pick up from the webinars.