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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 21)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, the old Born to Learn blog over at Microsoft Learning has gotten a major facelift, attendees at CompTIA ChannelCon will be swimming in CEUs, and more.

Out with the Old: Microsoft Is Born To Learn No Longer


The old Born To Learn Blog has a new coat of paint (and a new name)!Sooner or later every website gets a new look. It's just the circle of life on the internet. Nothing stays the same forever. Microsoft Learning has now bid a fond farewell to the admittedly "classic" look of its old certification and training nerve center, the Born To Learn Blog. The new design is sleeker and certainly matches up better with the rest of Microsoft's online universe. One thing that's missing is the "Born To Learn" moniker. The new blog is just the Microsoft Learning Blog. Elegant, simple. Maybe a little boring. As with most redesigns, it would appear that there are still a few bugs in the system: For example, there's a listing in the "Popular Posts" widget on the right-hand sidebar that refers to the "Inaugural CERTIFIED Educator Conference" ... which was held three years ago. That particular post may indeed have been popular in its day, but it's hard to imagine anyone getting much mileage out of it in 2018.


Cisco Blogger Says Certification a Key Indicator of IT Talent


IT workers have been, continue to be, and will in the future likely go on being a hot commodity in the global workplace. Technology is a key element of just about anything that goes on in the world these days, and the continued growth of our digital everything depends on the simultaneous growth of IT employment. Along those lines, a new post to the Talking Tech with Cisco blog over at Cisco Learning Network asserts that employers are eager to build up their tech talent pools. Citing research by market intelligence firm IDC, Learning@Cisco analyst Mark Leary says that employers view certification as being a key indicator of IT knowledge and skills. Among other evidence, Leary says IDC found that 71 percent of hiring manager have greater confidence in the IT bona fides of an applicant who has certifications. Bear that in mind as your plot your IT course: A significant percent of IT employers will be more willing to consider you for employment if you can back up your knowledge claims with certification.


New Research Indicates Digital Skills Gaps Still Growing


Speaking of employers competing to build up their tech talent pools, a brand new Training Industry blog post reports that the greatly ballyhooed IT skills gap, the shortfall between the number of IT jobs open and the number of skilled workers available to fill them, is alive and thriving. Blogger Taryn Oesch includes a quote from one Jake Schwartz, CEO of for-profit digital skills college General Assembly, that puts things in perspective: "All companies are becoming tech companies, as competition to compete in the digital marketplace continues. As a result, we’re rapidly shifting toward an economy in which every employee needs a variety of modern skills." One upside of the booming demand for IT workers is that IT education and training options have never before been so plentiful. If you can't find an option that suits both your schedule and budget, then you simply aren't looking hard enough.