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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 22)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, the Linux Foundation offers a new open source training course at a very nice price, Certification Magazine ponders how to recruit more women to IT professions, and more.

Linux Foundation Offers Open Source Networking Course


The Linux Foundation is offering a new free open source networking course.The open source model of developing and implementing new technology solutions is growing in popularity. The creation, ongoing development, and widespread adoption of Linux (and its many, many offshoots) has proven again and again that sharing knowledge and solving problems as a community has the potential to generate enormous benefits for everyone. Perhaps someday such cooperative thinking will provide the key to challenges in non-IT realms such as healthcare and energy production. For now, the nonprofit Linux Foundation is expanding its reach into the computer networking realm with a new free course, LF165x: Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies. Course content will cover open source networking projects "that are shaping the future of networking and telecoms." Preregistration is now available for LF165x, which will be available online via edX starting Aug. 8. It's estimated that the self-paced course will require 10 weeks to complete at a rate of three to four hours per week.


What Are the Best IT Certification Training Products?


Some dialed-in IT professionals already know enough about various tech topics — whether through hands-on experience or from their existing educational background — to pass a certification exam without really needing to study or train for it. IF you're not in that boat, however, then study and training are highly recommended to ensure your success. Certification exams are expensive; you don't want to have to try, try again, if you can help it. A post at the end of last week to the IT Career News blog of tech industry association CompTIA offers detailed advice about how to choose the right study and training products. Depending on which cert you're after, there maybe as many as a half-dozen different options for study and training, so it's nice to have some clear counsel about what to do in order to winnow down the list a bit. Also, the blogger who contributed the post is named Jessica Jones, which is pretty awesome, even despite the fact that there's not a cameo appearance by Luke Cage.


Internet of Things Complicates IT Auditing


There are literally billions of things — everything from household appliances to nuclear reactors — that are connected in some form or fashion to the worldwide web. That state of affairs presents potential headaches for IT auditors, among other diligent tech professionals. As noted in a new post to the ISACA Now Blog of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA, the Interet of Things is getting out of control: "With such an enormous volume of connected devices and minimal regulation, it comes as little surprise that many of them have been programmed incorrectly and are supplying users with false or misleading information." The post, in recapping a presentation given at ISACA's EuroCACS event in Scotland (which wraps up today), offers a starting point for beleaguered auditors by noting which are the most important questions to ask as the auditing world attempts to get a handle on the situation.