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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 23)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Cisco Learning Network gets a facelift, the Linux Foundation wants to be an educational force with its new course for open source, and more.

The New Look of Cisco Learning Network


Man studying on laptop with intense lookAt the end of May, Microsoft Learning overhauled the look, feel, and functionality of its long-established IT certification and training blog and related elements of its online certification portal. This week, it's Cisco Learning Network that has a fresh style and updated layout. We aren't sure precisely how long it's been since the last time that CLN overhauled its online presence, but the old look had been around at least for the last five years. The new site is warmer, incoporates more images and graphics, and has a generally more welcoming, more up-to-the-second vibe. About halfway down the page, for example, there's a very inviting nav panel that features a grahpic representing every category of IT certification and training that Cisco offers. It's fairly easy to tell at a glance where you want to go, and jumping in takes a single click. Nicely done.


CompTIA Asserts the Importance of Knowing Infrastructure


Just as there is a vast transportation infrastructure that makes it possible to drive, ride, float, or fly to destinations around the globe, there are fundamental building blocks that support the metaphorical, and in some cases literal, weight of the IT world. You can't have an internet, for example, with thousands upon thousands of routers and switches directing traffic to and from millions of individual clients. GoCertify regular Ed Tittel has written a post for tech industry association CompTIA's IT Career News blog this week that reminds IT professionals of the need for everyone in IT, no matter his or her specialization, to have basic familiarity with the elements of IT infrastructure. It's a worthwhile reminder that IT fluency shouldn't just be restricted to a single area of expertise. If you want to truly succeed, then you need to have a stockpile of general IT knowledge as well.


ISACA Releases More Details of 2018 State of Cybersecurity Research


Cyberattackers haven't been feeling particularly creative in recent months. That's according to newly available elements of cybersecurity and governance association ISACA's State of Cybersecurity 2018 survey. The first findings of the survey were released in April, and now there's a brand new second serving of cybersecurity data to chew on. Survey results show that while the frequency of cyberattacks continues to increase, the methods of carrying them out haven't changed much since the 2017 report. Maybe there's no need to change trojan horses (see what we did there?) when the one you're already riding is getting you where you want to go. You need to register with ISACA to download the latest report, but there's no charge to harvest the wealth of cybersecurity data contained therein.