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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 7)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Oracle Certification explores the confounding conundrum of credential retirement, CompTIA has a quiz to help you determine your certification future, and more.

No Certification Lives Forever


What should you do when your certification is retired?Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end, and almost every IT certification starts out, hangs around for a while, and eventually gets yanked from the stage and hustled away to be discarded in the cold, forbidding reaches of the secret certification burial ground. There are notable exceptions, certification stalwarts that have been around, in some cases, for essentially as long as IT certification itself. Other certs, however, show up, gather a following, and find themselves unceremoniously swept under the rug, all with a span of five or 10 years. That can be disruptive to a certified professional, so it's worth taking note of a post this week to the Oracle Certification Blog that discusses the thorny topic of certification retirement. Senior program manager Brandye Barrington is discussing Oracle certifications in particular, but retirement is a phenomenon that crosses all certification programs, and much of what she has to say probably applies in many different situations. If IT certification is part of your professional portfolio, then it's probably worth taking a look at what she has to say.


Get More Certs, Save More Money


Progressive discounts are rather rare in basic retail shopping. If you get a discount on, say, a bag of apples, it's typically 50 percent (or whatever the number is) off the price of the entire bag. You don't have to buy the first apple at full price, then get 10 percent off with the second apple you purchase, and then get 20 percent off with each apple purchased after that. There are other situations, however, where purchasing decisions are made a little less in-the-moment, and the progressive model makes more sense. Here's a fun example: Right now, you can get a fat discount on Microsoft certification exams when you register through Microsoft Learning to take your exam. You have to pay full price for the first exam. Over a nine-month period from the date of that first purchase, however, the second exam you register to take is 25 percent off, and each exam after that, until the nine months are up, is 50 percent (!) off. How's that for an incentive to get cracking on your certification goals? With Microsot Learning's progressive discount, the harder (and faster) you work, the more you save.


Future Watch: What Will the World Be Like in 2018


It's kind of cheatatious to make predictions about 2018 when we're already almost 50 days into the year. Come on, people, the time for that was in November and December. Or at the very latest, in January. Apparently, however, the memo was never passed along to the Talking Tech with Cisco blog at Cisco Learning Network. Because blogger Gary Pfitzer checked in at the end of last week with a roundup of IT predictions for the far-off year 2018. Pfitzer does acknowledge the tardiness of his effort, though, and it's still illuminating to pick through his detailed compilation of predictions tied to growth and development in cloud computing, cybersecurity, data center, networking (Cisco's own bailiwick), and the Internet of Things (ditto).