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Certification Watch (Vol. 22, No. 26)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux espouses a surprising priority for today's technologists, CertMag is ready to toss out tech textbooks, and more.

To Succeed in IT You Need This One Crazy Skill


Teamwork is a critical skill for all IT professionalsIt takes a lot to carve out a successful career in information technology (IT). You need a certain degree of education, whether obtained traditionally or via emerging learning pathways. You have to develop specialized skills, and be willing to continually expand the scope of those skills. Like with most careers, you need to move up through a series of entry-level jobs. Whatever IT track you end up following, however, most people would probably assert that your ability to understand and work with technology is your most important asset. Not so, according to recent podcast with the CEO of tech industry association CompTIA. As alliteratively noted in a new post this week to the IT Career News blog, Todd Thibodeaux thinks teamwork technique should be a top target for today's technologists. Yes, we just heard the collective groan emanate from everyone who hated tussling with team projects in high school and college. It's not for nothing, however, that so-called "soft" skills are touted incessantly by IT talking heads. You can have all the individual ability in the world, but if you can't work well with others, then you are destined to struggle in most IT situations. There will always be individual roles, but almost no one's IT job is done in a vacuum. If you want to have a long and profitable career in IT, then you need to develop top-caliber collaboration skills.


A 50th Birthday Sit-Down with the CEO


Human beings generally don't like to tout their advancing age, and 50, in particular, tends to be a terrifying number. Businesses and organizations, on the other hand, generally love to trumpet and celebrate hitting the five-decade mark. You have to really build something special to hang around for 50 years as any sort of collective endeavor, so nobody ever lets that golden anniversary just sort of slip past. Cybersecurity and governance association ISACA, founded in 1969, has been celebrating all year, and the good times rolled forth this week with a 50th anniversary Q&A with incoming CEO David Samuelson. Samuelson, who took up his post this year, said that the passion for ISACA he repeatedly encounters from members has been particularly impressive. (It certainly takes passion to stay in operation for 50 years, so Samuelson may be onto something.) You'll only find a portion of the interview at link, to the ISACA Now Blog, included above. If you want to get the full scoop, click here.


Get Certified in PeopleSoft


For any enterprise to succeed, the people in charge have to master the behind-the-scenes nuts-and-blots business of doing business. Of course, there's an application for almost everything today, and there's an entire software suite to help business nail down such boring essentials as human resource management, financial manage, supply chain management, customer relations management, and so forth. PeopleSoft presses all of those buttons, and Oracle has owned PeopleSoft for the past 14 years. It's not entirely clear to us whether PeopleSoft certification has been a thing that whole time, but Oracle Certification wants you to know that PeopleSoft certification is definitely a thing now. A recent post to the Oracle Certification Blog details some of the ins and out of getting certified in PeopleSoft, so if you alreay work in business management, or your headed in that direction, this is a family of IT credentials that could definitely be an asset to your career.